Aerators for the evacuation by natural ventilation of large volumes of smoke and hot gases generated by a fire

Classifications and descriptions

Kuadron Steel

Range of aerators with b600ºc classification in steel

Slat or gate aerators manufactured entirely in steel under the UNE en 10346 standards.

Finishes in galvanized, stainless steel. or lacquered in RAL

Made of 16 mm polycarbonate, blind or insulated.

Integrated socket system for use on any type of cover.

Pneumatic or electric motorization.

Thermal fuse for safety opening integrated.

The Kuadron Steel range offers a long life with minimal maintenance, being the most competitive in its value for money market, being manufactured under the EN-ISO 9001 quality standards.

Kuadron Light

Range of aerators with B300 classification in aluminum

Slat or gate aerators made entirely of aluminium AW 1050 or AW 5754.

Blind, in polycarbonate of 16 mm or insulated.

Pneumatic or electric motorization.

Thermal fuse for safety opening integrated.

The Kuadron Light range are high quality aerators manufactured with the clinching and crimping system avoiding welds and rivets, all under the EN-ISO 9001 quality standards.


Kuadron Vision

Range of window aerators

Window outlet intended for spaces with a high architectural and technical requirement.

Built with a wide range of Profiles with thermal break, they have different types of motorization, both seen and fully integrated.

These systems allow to obtain a high performance in lighting of spaces in a natural way.


Control and evacuation of toxic smoke and hot gases in case of fire

Avoid human loss and material damage due to heat and harmful gases

Facilitate the intervention of extinguishing equipment

Insulation of the high temperatures generated in a fire keeping the temperature of the cover stable, in many cases preventing the structure from collapsing

Economic savings thanks to the use of the system for natural ventilation achieving more pleasant environments

Automatic management using status probes


Industrial Sector
Logistics Sector
Hospital Sector


Petrochemical Industry
Cultural Buildings
Nuclear Power Plants
Agri-Food Industry


Public buildings and offices
Shopping Malls
Hotels And Schools

Tests and approvals

UNE EN 1363 - 1

Fire resistance testing - Part 1: general requirements

UNE–EN 12101-2

Smoke and heat control systems-Part 2: specifications for natural smoke and heat extraction aerators

UNE–EN 1873

Impact test with hard body and soft body in gate and anti-fall grid.

UNE-EN 13501-4

Classification according to the fire behavior of construction products and building elements. Part 4: classification from data obtained from fire resistance tests of components of smoke control systems

CEPREVEN product certificate

  Product Code: 0701

Certificate of proof of benefits

  UNE-EN 12101-2 ANNEX ZA.3

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