Textile barriers for compartmentalization of flames, radiation and high temperatures generated by a fire

Classifications and descriptions

Kortex UL10D

Clasification UL 10D
UL 10D certification and approval by INTERTEK.

The fire protection curtain allows the sectorization of large areas preventing the spread of fire.

Steel reinforced fibreglass fabric. Sectorization against the flames and hot smoke produced in a fire.

Safe fault system "Gravity Safety" without the need for electronics.

Kortex Rain

Clasification EI 180 minutes

Steel reinforced fiberglass fabric classification A1 (UNE 13501-1)

Resistance to high temperatures produced in a fire, up to 1,200 ºC for 180 minutes in large manufacturing dimensions.

Insulation by low consumption kaudal type irrigation system.

"Gravity Safety" fail-safe system.

"Gravity Convenyor" mechanism for large-scale manufacturing.

"Unblocking Driver" system that prevents barrier stops in the Guides due to obstruction.

Kortex Insulated

Clasification E180 EW 60

Double insulated fabric system: steel reinforced fiberglass base fabric plus aluminum layer with ceramic insulation.

Insulation from thermal radiation below 15 kW at 1 meter of the unexposed face up to 180 minutes.

"Gravity Safety" fail-safe system without the need for electronics.

Self-leveling counterweight for aesthetic finish

Kortex E

Clasification E180

Approved as a fire barrier in accordance with EN 1634-1

Compartmentalization against flames and hot fumes produced in a fire.

"Gravity Safety" fail-safe system without the need for electronics.

Floating Point torque compensation system"

Quick assembly by Easy Click System


Insulation against flames

Insulation of thermal radiation thus preventing the advance of the fire by combustion of materials on the unaffected side

Insulation from high temperatures generated in a fire keeping the area safe on the unexposed face

Protection of evacuation routes

Fire Control aid


Industrial Sector
Logistics Sector
Petrochemical Industry

Cultural Buildings
Nuclear Power Plants
Agri-Food Industry
Public Buildings And Offices

Hospital Sector
Shopping Malls
Hotels and schools

Tests and approvals

UL 10D

Standard for Fire Tests of Fire-Protective Curtain Assemblies

UNE EN 1363 - 1

Fire resistance testing - Part 1: general requirements

UNE EN 13501-4

Classification according to the fire behavior of construction products and building elements. Part 4: classification from data obtained from fire resistance tests of components of smoke control systems

UNE EN 15269–1

Extended application of test results for fire resistance and / or smoke control for door, shutter and openable window asenblies, including their elements of building hardware-Part 11: Fire resistance of operable curtains

UNE EN 1932

Classification of 0.6 kN / m2 according to the pressure load range

UNE – EN ISO 1716

Determination of higher calorific potential (PCS)

UNE EN 1634-1

Fire resistance and smoke control tests of doors and closing elements of gaps , practicable windows and building hardware. Part 1: fire resistance tests of doors, hollow enclosures and practicable Windows

UNE EN 12101-1

Reliability test and response time


  Fire partition curtain system suitability certification

UNE – EN 13823

Construction products exposed to attack caused by a single burning object.

UNE – EN ISO 11925-2

Flammability of construction products when subjected to the action of flame. Part 2: single flame source Test

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