Control electronics for Kortex and Kuadron systems

Classifications and descriptions

Control de Aireadores

Gama de productos para el control de los Aireadores Kuadron

Control panels for pneumatic or electrical systems.

Pneumatic systems with independent emergency circuit by firing CO2 at high pressure.

Built-in emergency pushbuttons

Multi-zone management

Daily ventilation circuit with status probes for automatic control.

Total system management using customized scada.

Natural ventilation Control via app.

Control de Barreras

Gama de productos para el control de Barreras Kortex

Modular control system.

Engine control box with status synoptics.

Possibility of relay output for control signal.

Comprehensive management of multiple panels via RS485 switchboard.

Integration with scada for complete barrier and aerator system management.

Sms control of status change signals.


Comprehensive systems management

Human-machine interaction on any media

Status monitoring

Maintenance aid


Industrial Sector
Logistics Sector
Petrochemical Industry

Cultural Buildings
Nuclear Power Plants
Agri-Food Industry
Public Buildings And Offices

Hospital Sector
Shopping Malls
Hotels and schools

Tests and approvals

EN 50130-4

Electromagnetic compatibility-product family Standard: immunity requirements for components related to fire hazards, intrusion and social alarm systems

EN 50081-1

Electromagnetic compatibility-generic Emission Standard

EN 60950

Safety of technology equipment

UNE EN 12101-10

Smoke and heat control systems. Power supply equipment

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